Middle Eastern Dance

Latifa’s Middle Eastern Dance


Tuesday @ 6:30 pm

Latifa welcomes students new to belly dance or those looking to refresh their fundamentals to her beginner classes. Learn classic steps and movements, with emphasis on proper posture, understanding how each move is generated, plus the cultural context of the dance..

Advanced Beginner/Intermediate Technique

Thursday @ 7:00 pm

These classes expand upon the fundamentals, with focus placed on refining technique, performance skills and theatricality. Suitable for all levels except beginner. Ibrahim Farrah technique is introduced at this level. Drop-ins welcome..

Intermediate Choreography

Thursday @ 8:00 pm

At this level, students are starting to develop individual performance style and understanding musicality. This class will teach dances suitable for local haflas and shows, incorporating Ibrahim Farrah technique.

Advanced Technique

Tuesday @ 7:30 pm

Advanced students focus on professional-level technique, incorporating the philosophy of Ibrahim Farrah in musicality, theatreicality and expression, learning to make even the simplest movements full of feeling and meaning. Drop-ins welcome, with Latifa’s approval.

Advanced Choreography

Tuesday @ 8:30 pm

Learn challenging dances, ranging from lyrical beil dancing to the earthy movements of the Ghawazee (Egyptian street performers).


Tuesday Session

  • 01/29/19 to 03/05/19
    (no class 03/19)
  • 04/02/19 to 05/07/19
  • 09/10/19 to 10/15/19
  • 10/22/19 to 12/03/19
    (no class 11/26)

Thursday Session

  • 01/31/19 to 03/07/19
    (no class 03/21)
  • 04/04/19 to 05/09/19
  • 09/12/19 to 10/17/19
  • 10/24/19 to 12/05/19
    (no class 11/28)

The minimum age for students is 16, with written parental consent.


$75 per 6-week session

DISCOUNT: Sign up for 2 or more classes and get $10 off each class.



  • For more information or to register online visit bintbeled.com.